Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making a World Map

When spring break was over, I was conflicted about whether to teach a unit studying the 7 continents or study the biomes of the world. When I saw this post on their virtual voyage, I decided I could do both. So, we are going to travel the world, stopping once on each continent. The main focus during our visit will be to study a biome on each continent that we haven't studied before. Our travel itinerary is:
North America - Temperate Rainforest
South America - Tropical Rainforest
Antarctica - Ice Cap
Africa - Desert
Australia - Coral Reef
Asia - Tundra
Europe - Deciduous Forest

The first thing we had to do for our trip was make a map. All three kids helped me with this. I changed things just a tad from the map on se7en's site.

A few notes on how we made this part of the map:

• poster board cut to roughly 26"x16"
• cut little, square-ish shaped pieces from colored tissue paper
• water-down glue & spread a thin layer over entire poster board
• let the kids stick tissue paper pieces all over the poster board
• Printed a map, scaled to fit our poster board
• I really liked the randomness of se7en's map, so I told the kids to color the continents anyway they wanted, just be sure to color the entire continent
Our finished map
• The worst part about the map was cutting out all the uneven continents & tiny islands
• Glue land pieces to the big, blue ocean

Close up of land & ocean

I made this sign to go with the unit.
• It's not fancy.
• I used left over pieces of poster board & sharpies.

A peek at our display for this unit.

I'm excited to start this unit. It should be fun.

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  1. I love this! It looks so inviting! I love the idea of studying biomes.


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