Monday, April 23, 2012

Birds Around Town

I'm not sure if we live in an area with quite an abundance of birds or if the whole world is this lucky. But, it seems as though we see a ton of birds as we drive from place to place. Some time I should have the kids count the number we see in one day. Or maybe we could count 3 different times and Capt. N could find the average. He'd like that. Maybe I could also figure out a way to throw in some graphing. He loves making graphs. Back to the point - here's a few of Capt. N's fav's.

Great Blue Heron
Capt. N especially loves finding these guys. We see them only a few times throughout the year.

Red-tailed Hawk
We have these at our house. But, we also see them nearly every time we drive down the highway. 

American Kestrel

Bald Eagle
As a rare treat, we see bald eagle's.

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