Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 26

I need to come to the realization that we just don't have a "normal" week. We have our daily routines, but for an entire week to be the same as the last just doesn't seem to happen for us. A typical week is school at home in the morning & afternoon on Monday, Wednesday & Friday with lots of instruction from me. Tuesday & Thursday Capt. N does independent work in the morning. My hubby works from home those days & I am in town taking the other two kids to school. He also has piano lessons & Taekwondo on Thursdays. Tuesdays he has Taekwondo & for awhile he was going to a lego class. We also go over whatever he worked on while I was gone. That fills up the whole week & is the schedule we've come up with that works for us. But.... there's always something that steers us away from that plan. This week Mr. T didn't have school on Friday due to budget cuts. So, I had planned for Capt. N not to have school either. What I hadn't planned on was for Mr. T to end up with a snow day on Thursday. Princess K also ended up not having school. Capt. N had a few things he needed to finish up before his Spring Break, so he did those things. Life is just weird. We had 4" of snow on Thursday. That's a decent amount of snow, but if I can get out of my driveway then I don't think it's a lot. And, I can drive out in 4" of snow. So, on a day we have 4" there is a snow day and no school. The day we had 27" there was school. Weird how that works out. Anyways, Capt. N still had piano lessons that day. So, before we went to that I took him to the Audubon Society. He loved it! On Monday we had gone to the zoo. Yep, so much for a typical week.... Although, I am thinking April might be a little less crazy. Mr. T doesn't have any days off school - so neither will Capt. N & hopefully there won't be any snow days.

Pics from the Week:

Amur Leopard

Polar Bear

Sea Lion

Sea Otter

We go to the zoo often, and each time we go there seems to be something exciting that we don't usually get to see. This time it was watching the sea otter eat. Look at those teeth! He uses them to crack his shellfish.

The Oregon Zoo has themed curriculum on their website. We used the one called ZooScope this time. It explains the scientific method. Then you put what you've learned to use & graph what you observed. During this trip we were able to observe the African birds & Amur Leopards. Capt. N loves making graphs.

As part of his math, Capt. N has to measure & graph the growth of bean seeds. One pot is in the light, one is in the dark. We actually used pea seeds since that's what we had at home. The ones in the light are doing well.

The ones in the dark are lacking color and do not have many leaves. They are using all their energy trying to find the light.

American Kestral at the Audubon Society.
To see more of this trip click here.

Yippey! It is officially Spring Break!

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