Monday, March 12, 2012

Week 24

This was a fairly average week - no days off from school, no snow days. This was so nice. Capt. N did have a Vision Therapy appointment on Monday & he's doing so well that he doesn't need to come back for 3 months. He still needs to work on vision exercises at home, but only a couple times per week.

Pics from the Week:

We finished reading Huckleberry Finn this week. I didn't do a huge unit on this, but what we did do was lots of writing exercises. I bought a unit study from CurrClick which had many writing projects including this "newspaper."

We're at Lesson 100 from the Saxon 3 curriculum. Wow, only 40 more to go.
Lesson 100 said to plant 2 pots of bean seeds & later Capt. N will graph their growth. We actually used pea seeds since that's what we had at home, but the idea is the same.

We got chicks! As fun as it is to have new babies around the house, it's the most fun watching my own kids enjoy them. To read more about our new chicks check out the post on my garden blog.

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