Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 23

Pics from the Week:

This week was the birthday of Dr. Seuss, so we made a few crafts. You can read about them here.

On Monday, Capt. N participated in his first Lego Club meeting with CurrClick. The class is 1 hour long & this month's theme was hearing vs. listening. Capt. N seemed to enjoy it, although, parts of it were a little slow.

Wednesday we got another blast of winter weather. Thursday we woke up to even more snow & the power was out. So, the hubby chained up the truck & we headed into town. Two of the kids had to get to school & Capt. N had piano & taekwondo later in the day.
In between activities we went to a wetlands that is home to many birds. Our elevation is about 1000 feet above these wetlands. It's amazing to see the difference. When we left in the morning we had at least 15" of snow. The wetlands may have had a skiff of snow in the morning, but it was gone by afternoon.
We didn't see any hawks or eagles like I was hoping to see. But, we did see a number of other birds.

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