Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Science Books

This is the reason I love our new school room. There's enough space to give each subject its own little space. I actually feel quite organized. This is how I have our science books organized. I love, love, love that they can be separated from all the other books.

It's certainly not fancy. But, it works.

These are larger, just random books on science type subjects.

Here we've got the Magic School Bus books (which I did not enjoy when I was a kid, but my kids love them and there's actually a lot of information in them), The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library books and a variety of others.

Over here we have level readers with a science theme, Nature's Children animal books (which Mr. T picked out at a sale at the library) and misc. science books including science experiments and human body books.

There's a little space on the shelf not filled with books where we add science/nature items. Today we have a couple deer horns and a bird nest on display.

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