Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Platypus Lapbook

Mr. T loves platypus' for some reason. Over the summer he took a week long pottery class. The animal mask he chose to make was of a platypus. His instructor said it was the first platypus made in her class. For Halloween he wanted to be a platypus. So, we transformed a lion costume into a platypus. When I started school with Capt. N, I found this platypus lapbook from Homeschool Share. I had to print it knowing Mr. T would love it. We've worked on the lapbook now and then over the past couple months. He finally finished it today & is so proud of it.

Front Cover
It's one file folder with an extra folder folded in the middle.

These 4 mini books are from Homeschool Share.

Left Side: Artwork by Mr. T: platypus drawing, clay piece and a page from a book he and I made over the summer.
Right Side: Life Cycle from Field Guide Final Project

Left Side: Mini books from Homeschool Share
Right Side: Mini books from Homeschool Share, Road Sign, Drawing from Enchanted Learning, Electroreception pic from Reed College (which I added to this lapbook because Mr. T told me about it. Who knew? Ok, maybe you knew, but I had no idea that they had the same sort of thing as a bat's echolocation.)

Left Side: Mini books from Homeschool Share
Right Side: Mr. T got a kick out of this comparison

I saw a cute platypus sewing pattern at It is definitely going on this summer's bucket list. I think Mr. T & I could do it together.

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