Monday, March 12, 2012

Carnivorous Terrarium

Mr. T loves plants & flowers, so last year for Christmas I got Mr. T this carnivorous terrarium kit. It's a good thing he's a fairly patient kid because we've had it over a year and it's just now getting interesting. Apparently carnivorous plants are slow growing.

Planting Day ~ January 2011

I was so excited. I thought the terrarium looked so cute.

Little did I know, it would sit & look like this for months. I was beginning to think nothing was going to grow even though I thought I followed the instructions exactly.

7 Months Later ~ August 2011
Finally, we ended up with this... not very exciting. But, at least things were growing.
Pale Trumpet 1
The most interesting plants are these. I think it is a Pale Trumpet plant (Sarracenia alata).
Pale Trumpet 2
Another pale trumpet plant seems to be growing well. I have no idea what the mounded green plant is. The soil is starting to get slimy looking with green growth on it. I looked on the Carnivorous Creations website and this appears to be normal - I notice the sliminess in one of their pics, too.

13 Months From Plant Date ~ February 2012

Pale Trumpet 1
This guy looks good & healthy.

Pale Trumpet 2
This pale trumpet plant isn't as big as the other one, but seems to be doing fine. The mounded plant from the pic taken a few months ago has changed a bit and is spreading out. There's also a couple other smaller versions of this same plant in other places in the terrarium.  And, there's this new plant (down by the purple fly). I don't know what it is either. All the green slimy stuff has turned into a plant that looks similar to moss.

All in all, I'm happy with this project. It's been fun watching it change, even if it has been a very slow process. It will continue to keep changing. I read one plant takes 3 - 5 years until it starts flowering. Yikes! I didn't realize when I bought this kit that it would be hanging around for so many years. The kit comes with venus fly trap seeds. So far, I don't see a venus fly trap growing. It may be one of the unknown plant, though. If another year goes by and there's no sign of a venus fly trap I might just go to Home Depot and buy a small one to add to the terrarium. This isn't a project we investigate every day. But, every month or so Mr. T will take the top off to see what has changed.

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