Friday, March 2, 2012

Bird Eggs

We're kind of a birdy/eggy family. We've had chickens for a number of years & usually its the kids job to collect the eggs - most of the time they don't mind & sometimes even argue over who gets to collect them. My kids also love breakfast food, including scrambled eggs with cheese (and pancakes & bacon). So, these egg experiments were right up their alley and they had a great time with them.

24 hour Experiments
Our science lab. We had 3 hard boiled eggs sitting in 3 different substances: dyed water, vinegar & corn syrup. Because an egg shell is porous it behaves differently to each substance. We let the eggs sit for 24 hours. I also placed a plain ol' rock in vinegar just to let the kids see how something non-porous reacts. Both boys guessed that nothing would happen to the rock. They were right.

As soon as we placed the egg in vinegar the shell started bubbling. That definitely added awesome-ness to our day.
24 hours later the shell was soft & spongy. Then we let this egg sit on the counter for another 24 hours to see what would happen.
After the 24 hours, we checked on the egg. The shell was harder again, but had a few indents where the kids had poked at it the day before.
After another day of sitting on the counter, the shell hardened back up & looked like this. Who knew?

After 24 hours, the egg in dyed water looked like this. The boys guessed that the egg white would have been blue/green, too. But, it wasn't.

This one was fabulous & unexpected. This is the one that sat in corn syrup for a day. When we took it out, the egg looked the same as any ol' egg, but it was hard - like super hard.

4 day Experiment
We also set a raw egg in a container of vinegar. But, this egg stayed in the vinegar for 4 days. When we took it out. It looked like this. The kids were amazed.

I barely touched the egg with the tip of a knife & it popped like a balloon. The shell was now thin, translucent, soft & gooey.

Notebook Stuff
Inside of a chicken egg. I have searched & searched, but I can't seem to find which site I printed this egg image from. When I find it, I'll add a link here.

Some of the notebooking things came from Homeschool Share & the egg book came from Enchanted Learning.

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