Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bird Art

Here's a peek at some of our bird themed artwork.

Before we even officially started our bird unit Mr. T made this bird art. In his spare time, he has always loved creating art projects. These days he especially loves cutting paper to make his designs.
I absolutely love the eagle
Now that he is 6, he has also had fun spelling words on his masterpieces.

Mr. T also spends lots of time drawing. Here's a couple of his birds.

Bird Art made from Shapes
Princess K colored this bird, which I got from Tired, Need Sleep.

Right now I'm drawing a blank on what these cylinder shaped pieces are called. When you get them damp, they stick together. Here you see a robin, a peacock & some random bird.

Robin Footprint
Capt. N made this robin from his painted footprint.
Idea from Sweet and Simple Things

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