Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Audubon Society

As part of our bird studies we took a trip to the Audubon Society. They have many trails through a forest that is home to wild birds. They also have an animal hospital for injured birds, as well as a handful of birds for educational purposes.

This was definitely a successful field trip. The best part was watching the excitement in Capt. N while seeing these birds up close. I gotta say, I was a proud mama when he was able to name the species of bird before being told or reading what it was. He was also able to hold a great conversation with a couple of the bird handlers. Another proud moment was watching him read the signs outside the education bird cages to find out why that bird can't be released back into the wild. It was a great time. I'm so glad we took this spur of the moment trip.

The first thing we saw after stepping out of our car were two women, each holding a bird. This is an American kestrel, a small falcon. The other woman was holding a great horned owl. Capt. N was hooked from that moment. He loves Birds of Prey.

Julio, the great horned owl and his yellow eyes. I was surprised at the large size of this owl.

Another one of their education birds is this peregrine falcon. Capt. N knew right away what this guy was.  I admit, I had to read the sign to see if he was correct. It kinda makes me proud and embarrassed at the same time when my kids show they are smarter than me.

Syd, a red tailed hawk

The day we walked the trails the creek nearby was flowing muddy brown. Then I spotted a stream merging into the brown creek. The stream water was crystal clear. You can see the distinct line where the two come together. Capt. N didn't find this near as cool as I did.

Near their nature store they had various mounts, including this cougar & bobcat.

A spotted towhee, one of the wild birds hanging around the sanctuary that day.

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