Sunday, February 12, 2012

Writing Wall

To help us with our new focus on writing I added these hints & tricks to our "Writing Wall." Here's what it has so far:
• Using my Writer's Eye: from Sailing Through First. I love it. Capt. N likes it too. Occasionally he will read one of the tips... I only wish he wouldn't do it in the middle of math or some other subject besides writing.
• Fluent Reading & Other Ways to Say Said: from Scholastic. I took their ideas and made my own wall art. I want to try their Put Words Together Like Talking idea with Capt. N.
• What Do Writer's Write?: from The First Grade Parade. I actually like her hand drawn version better, but I was trying to put this wall together quickly so I made mine on the computer. I also really like her Why Writer's Write poster.
• Using Transitions to Tie my Ideas Together: Made my own wall chart. (Hopefully, one day I will get it linked here to share)
• Sensory Words: Also my own chart. (If I can figure out the best way to share the Transitions chart, I will also be sharing this chart.)

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