Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 21

Wow! Week 21 already. This year has gone by so fast. It's been a stressful year for me. I've been so worried about making sure Capt. N is getting the best education. I've spent a ton of time on the internet researching lesson plan ideas, figuring out the best way to teach him & help him in the areas he's struggling with. All in all, though, it's working out great. I don't think he'd be thriving as much as he is had he been in public school. I fear he'd be struggling more than thriving. I'm so glad I chose homeschool this year for him. I have already made the decision to homeschool him again next year. He knows that, & is fine with it. He melted my heart a couple weeks ago. The kids were talking about their favorite teachers. Mr. T asked Capt. N who is favorite teacher was and he said I was. I may have let a few tears fall at that moment. I've been worried this whole year about taking him away from his school friends. I truly don't think it's mattered to him much at all. There are only 2 kids he would like to see more often. He sees school friends at piano lessons once a week, new kids & a couple school friends at taekwondo twice a week, the kids at Sunday School, cub scout kids a couple times every month & play dates occasionally. I only hope I can get the same reaction from Mr. T next year. He's a much more social person. It's going to be much more difficult on him to stay home, especially since he's gotten a taste of public school interactions this year. While driving with my hubby, Capt. N told Mr. T he was going to be homeschooled next year. Mr. T's reply was that no he's not, he doesn't want to be. I have to say that's very hard for me to hear. It's not a surprise to me that he responded that why. Honestly, that's why I hadn't told him yet. I don't want to do something he really doesn't want to do. I'm going to need to make sure he's got plenty of social interactions. The other difference with him is that he's very competitive. He does well in school - one, because he is a smart kid, but also because he wants to be the best. I'm going to have to help him realize that he needs to do well just for himself, not to show off. I'm guessing the homeschool decision for is never going to be an easy one for me. And, if I ever send them back to public school I'm sure I'm going to have some reservations about that, too. Here's an interesting article to remind myself why I'm homeschooling and yep, my son is thriving!

Pics from the Week:

Tuesday was Valentine's Day. Capt. N did a few holiday themed activities. You can read about them here.

We learned more about birds this week including why birds have different types of beaks. Here's my post about those activities.

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