Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 20

Pics from the Week:

To practice his multiplication facts Capt. N & I tossed the ball back and forth. I call out, "4x7" & toss him the ball. As he catches the ball he replies, "= 28." Then he tosses the ball to me saying, "5x7" & I catch it saying the answer. We did a few rounds of this game this week. I'm not sure whether this would work as his only way of learning the facts, but he really likes it & it makes the facts more fun to practice than always doing flash cards. He also uses Math Wrap-ups to practice.

With the Saxon Math we're using I don't see a good way to keep track of the multiplication facts Capt. N has learned. He takes timed tests, but I wanted to make a chart so he can see his progress. This is what I came up with.

You can print it here.
You can also print the "passed" words here.
I also made an addition facts chart to get ready for Mr. T next year. You can print the addition chart here.

The boys learned that owls puke up the bones, feathers, fur & other body parts from the animals they eat. They dissected (fake) owl pellets searching for the bones of a passed critter. Read more about it here.

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