Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 19

Again, another abnormal week for us. But, not quite as crazy as the last two weeks. My hubby was still gone on Monday & returned on Tuesday. We get along fine when he's gone, but our normal rhythm to the day is changed a bit. Then, on Friday Mr. T didn't have school because of budget cuts. So, this means Capt. N didn't have school either, or at least not a typical school day.

Pics from the Week:

Monday, we had a bit of time to kill while we waited for Mr. T to get out of school so we stopped by Barnes & Noble. It's a place I know I should not go when I don't want to spend money. I'm a sucker for books - especially when I think they're educational. I browsed the school section just to see what was there - and of course I bought a few things. I bought this book on literacy games. We've been slacking a bit on Capt. N's writing skills simply because there's just not enough time in the day. I know writing is extremely important, but I thought our time was better spent trying to fix his vision issues & address the other issues we've discovered along the way. We've got to get right down to the root of his problems before moving on. Well, his reading has improved so much I think it's time we can move on. I thought this book would jump start my writing ideas. We're also going to start reading Huckleberry Finn and I downloaded a unit study from which has a ton of writing tasks. I also bought the Math Centers grades 1-3 & Math Centers 3-4 by Evan-Moor. I'm hoping these books will get my ideas flowing for games of my own to go along with the units we are studying. Capt. N also talked me into buying 3 Magic Tree House books and a Star Wars DK Reader. I usually have no problem telling my kids no when it comes to buying stuff. But, if he is actually interested in reading these books, I'm going to buy them. At this point, I will do almost anything to keep him reading.

February is Black History month. Also since we will be starting Huck Finn I wanted Capt. N to hear a bit of the backstory. We talked about the great black people that changed the course of history. We read a few books & for 50 cents I bought this Black History Super Activity Pack from CurrClick. It has a jeopardy game & a few booklets for the kids to fill out.

In this book, Capt. N illustrated the story of Rosa Parks.

This book was drawing what you thought MLK, Jr meant during various parts of his I Have a Dream speech.

This book was simple, just cut out the face and glue it on the correct page. I thought it was an easy way to gain knowledge of these people. It was simple & to the point... and gives us something to look at again the next time we discuss black history.


Capt. N helped his dad plant vegetable seeds in the mini soil blocks. Read more about the soil blocks here.

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