Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Oh, the holiday of love! Here's the activities Capt. N did to celebrate.

Postcard From Paris
Love, love, love this idea from That Artist Woman. Here's Capt. N's version.
The one made by Mr. T. Anytime we can pull out the paints makes for a fun project!

Heart Map
Capt. N took it literally - the different sections represent different states. His states are named after different things he loves: Climbing, the Zoo, Lego's, etc. I might do this again next year, but show the boys how colorful the kids at Riverside Elementary made theirs. It was fun for me to learn what he really loved. Most things I could have guessed, but there were a couple surprises.

Graphing Conversation Hearts
Capt. N is learning about graphs in math, so I asked him to make a bar graph showing the number of candies in each color. His favorite graph, though, is a line graph.

Roses are Red Poem
Roses are red
Violets are blue
And I like you,
You read Dr. Sue

written by Capt. N
He also wrote one ending with the word poo. When do they outgrow the fascination with potty talk?

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