Wednesday, February 29, 2012

StArt - Dr. Seuss

With Dr. Seuss' birthday coming up later this week we made a variety of crafts based on a few of our favorite books written by him. What an amazing talent. I still enjoy his books, maybe even more now than I did as a kid. They are fun & imaginative. ♥♥♥

Cat in the Hat Hats
Simple hats made from paper

Handprint Things
I got this fun idea from Stuff by Ash
I've got 3 Munchkins, so I made a Thing 3.
Thing 1, Thing 2 & our very own Thing 3

One Fish Stamping
Make your stamp from a styrofoam take-home box
Print or draw your image. Remember to make it in reverse (like looking in a mirror) because it will print reversed. On our fish doesn't matter much, but if you were spelling something you wouldn't want to go through all the work just to realize it's going to print backwards.

Tape your image onto the styrofoam. Then with a sharp pencil or pen trace firmly around your image. You want to make an indent in the styrofoam.
It will look something like this.
I traced over my indents with a pen just to make the indents more prominent.

Working quickly, paint the styrofoam. Where the paint puddled in the indents we used a toothpick to clean it out a bit.

Flip your stamp over & press on a piece of paper. None of ours came out perfect. But, the kids still enjoyed this. I'm sure we will be doing something similar soon.

Left Foot. Right Foot. Prints
This project idea from The Foot Book came from Meet the Dubiens

I had my two youngest make this project. They loved it. They said it tickled when I painted their feet.

You can print this (minus my kids feet) here.

Displaying our Masterpieces

Make a Story
Dr. Seuss wrote the story Green Eggs & Ham using only 50 words. Capt. N wrote a short story using our own set of 50 words similar to the idea from First, I had Capt. N find all 50 words in the Dr. Seuss story. Then we came up with a list of our own 50 words. Our words were: head, read, bread, dead, said, fed, led, bed, Ted, Jed, Ned, Fred, bird, flew, you, knew, blue, was, am, I, like, robin, in, win, tree, to, it, the, best, nest, a, they, play, way, would, could, can, see, free, me, be, he, them, that, bat, and, on, are, if & of. For a printable list of these words click here.

Next, we made a list of random sentences using only our list of 50 words. Here's some of our sentences:
  • Robin is a bird.
  • Can I be dead?
  • They like the bread.
  • The robin nest is the best.
  • Fred said, "Can I play?"
  • You knew the blue bird flew.
  • The robin flew to the tree.
Then, he read through the list of sentences & came up with a story combining some of the sentences. His story started like this: I am a bat. I am dead. If I was a bird I would be a robin. I would be the best robin.

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