Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 18

I am very spoiled to have a husband who can telecommute certain days of the week. This is tremendously helpful when our 3 kids attend 3 different schools and have a variety of other activities throughout the week. One of my biggest pet peeves is to drive home, just to turn around an hour later to leave again. We live too far away from anything & it wastes a ton of time in the car. But... it is totally worth it if I can trade kids with my hubby so I only have to take the one(s) that need to go out at that moment. It means my days are crazy busy, but at least all my kids aren't always on the go. This week, though, my husband was out of town which means Capt. N & I did his school just about everywhere except our new school room. While Mr. T was at kinder for nearly 3 hours we studied in nearby restaurants. After kinder, but before the other activities we read in the car. I even took them to a local pizza play place just so I didn't have to drive back home. I didn't do any teaching at the pizza place, but I had Capt. N finish a couple math & cursive worksheets. During the week we also went to the library & a rock museum. I am pleasantly surprised that we finished all his school work this week. I actually think we would have accomplished less had we taken the time to drive home each day. Instead of wasting the hour driving home & back to town we were comfortably sitting in a restaurant getting school work done. It was a fun, out-of-sorts week.

Pics from the Week:

There was lots of down time in the car this week, so he was able to finish reading Who is Barack Obama? This was an informative book starting with his life as a child, moving into his college years, meeting Michelle & ending when he becomes president. Whether or not I agree with a president's agenda, I want my kids to grow up to respect the presidential office.

In one of our restaurant school sessions, Capt. N built this paper model of the White House. It's from & he loves it. I've caught him a couple times coming into the school room looking at it.

He also built one of the the Capitol Building. I love it! Thanks Paper Toys for a fun way to introduce Capt. N to the world of the US government.

This week at vision therapy, Capt. N's dr gave him reading glasses to try at home. I think the exercises she's given him in the past to work on his focusing abilities isn't working like she hoped, so this is the next thing she's trying. After that appointment, in the car, he started crying. He said he didn't want to wear glasses and that he was working hard on all the exercises she gives him so his eyes will just get better. I think he was feeling a bit duped. He was told this wasn't an issue where he would need glasses. He has 20/20 vision. Since I had my other two kids with me, I didn't get to talk to his doctor as much as I usually do in his sessions. So, I don't fully understand it either. From what I understand all his other vision issues (he has many) have been improving like she would expect. But, not his focusing. This is the next thing to try to help that. She wasn't even sure if it was going to work. This was like a trial run. If he feels like he can see better while reading with the glasses then she'll keep pursuing it. If it's not helping she'll work on something else.

The verdict is still out whether they're helping. The first day I thought he did seem to read more fluently, but the next day not so much. Maybe it was just a good reading day the first or maybe he was too tired the next. I did have him read a few of the stories I got from Super Teacher Worksheets and overall he improved from when I had him read them just a couple weeks ago. But, maybe that's why his scores were better, the stories were fresh in his mind? Or maybe the glasses really did help?

Emily's Harvest (2nd grade level) ~ 1/6/12: 86wpm   1/25/12 (glasses): 105wpm !!!! That's his most wpm ever
Robot Fun (2nd grade level) ~ 1/6/12: 86wpm   1/25/12 (glasses): 82wpm
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (3rd grade level) ~ 1/6/12: 78wpm   1/25/12 (glasses): 82wpm
Skunks (3rd grade level) this was his first & only time reading this story ~ 1/25/12 (glasses): 94 wpm

His Raz-Kids wpm also improved. I'm not sure the reason, but his wpm are always lower on the computer program raz-kids than when he reads from a book or piece of paper.
12/18/11: 55wpm   1/25/12 (glasses): 70wpm

All this info points towards the idea that the glasses are helping. But, Capt. N seems to really be "on it" one minute and not as on it the next. His scores on the same test will fluctuate, even taking the same test 5 minutes later. And, like I said, his reading the next day at bedtime was not near as fluent. It just makes me a little apprehensive to believe in the glasses just yet.

I already feel like his reading abilities, especially his quiet reading, have improved in the last couple months from vision therapy, mostly I think from working on his tracking problem. If the glasses improve his reading that much more, I will be ecstatic. I think very soon he could be up to grade level. I can already tell, even w/o the glasses, that it doesn't seem to be such a struggle for him to read - which makes me so happy I could cry.

My kids love rocks. Last year for Christmas, Santa left them a rock tumbler. Here's a post on my other blog about polishing their rocks. This week we visited a rock museum nearby. We will definitely need to go back when we can spend more time. Here's a few of my fav rocks of the day:
This rock museum is known for having this, the Alma Rose. It's rhodochrosite & an impressive size of rhodochrosite.

This pic doesn't do this rock justice. I loved it. The white parts were so white, the black's so black & the green, almost neon. It was such a fantastic rock with all it's contrast.

Look at this gigantic thunder egg!

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