Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 17

This was an abnormal week for us - both with school & in every day life. Since Martin Luther King, Jr. day was Monday this was already going to be a short week. Tuesday morning we woke up to a foot of snow, which meant Mr. T wasn't going to school. Not long after making that decision our power went out & didn't come back on until Friday afternoon. We are used to being without power, but it still throws our daily routine out of whack - especially during the winter months when it gets dark so stinking early. It started getting dark about 4:00 & pitch black by 5:30 & didn't start getting light again until 7:30. Between the holiday on Monday, playing in the snow & no power we didn't spend near the amount on school as we usually do. But, I'm happy to say we did enough to keep Capt. N from getting behind in math, grammar & cursive. We also did a few snow themed science activities. Capt. N also spent a few of our precious daylight hours finishing his car for the pine car derby race.

We've got about a foot of snow in this pic. We ended up with over 2 feet - which is a lot for our house.

Making his car for the Pine Car Derby

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