Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 15

 I was pleasantly surprised that we easily got back into the groove of school this week.

Pics from the Week:

We use Saxon Math, which for the most part I enjoy & Capt. N seems to be learning new math skills. Every 5th lesson is also a review & assessment of things the should have learned. So, I like to do the 4 lessons earlier in the week & on Friday do that 5th lesson. This works well on a 5 day week, not so well on a less than 5 day week. This week was a 4 day week, as is the week after next. So, I opted to split these 3 weeks into only 10 lessons (as opposed to the 15 it should be - at least in my mind). But, I loved that it worked out this way because I've added lots of other fun math things to our schedule including this Gallon Guy.

Here's the link for Gallon Man, or as I call him Gallon Guy. What a fun way to remember measurements!

Awhile ago I bought these book, the addition one for Mr. T & the multiplication book for Capt. N. This week I finally had the chance to give him one of the worksheets.

The mosaics have some kind of pattern or recognizable shape when complete.

Capt. N started learning to write cursive this week. He is so excited. I think it's making him feel like a big kid/adult. We are using Handwriting Without Tears. Not knowing which curriculum to choose, I went with this one mostly due to the fact that I read it works well with kids who are left handed. It is a different style than the cursive I was taught in school, but I think it's going to work well for Capt. N. I'm glad it doesn't have a lot of loops - I'm afraid the loops might make Capt. N's letters difficult to read. He seems to be doing fairly well with this. If I send him back to public school in a couple years, hopefully it's not too big of a deal that his cursive is different than the other students.

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