Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Snowy Week

Sunday & Monday we got a little bit of snow. Tuesday we got a lot of snow and by Wednesday morning we had 27". So, we took this opportunity to do a few snowy science projects... and of course, play in the snow.

Borax Snowflakes
We tried making borax snowflakes again and this time the results were much  more impressive. The pipe cleaners had a ton of crystals all over them. I didn't have enough white pipe cleaners to make 3 white snowflakes so we experimented with one white, one shiny silver & one blue. The plain white was my fav. The shiny silver just looked gray & muddy. The blue one was pretty, but not my fav.

X amount of snow = How much water?
We filled a glass full of snow & the boys guessed how much water would be in the glass once the snow melted. They both guessed the glass would be fairly full of water. They were shocked to see that they were wrong. Although, I was surprised to see there was so much water in the glass. I had read, on average, 10" of snow will make 1" of water. Ours resulted in a higher percentage of water. We had 6" of snow, which melted down to 1.75" of water.

Looking at a snowflake up close
We placed a black piece of construction paper in the freezer to make sure it was good and cold then brought it outside to collect snowflakes. The idea was to use a magnify glass to see the 6 sides of a snowflake. Honestly, this wasn't all that impressive. I don't know if our magnify glass was junk or what.

My little artists
I took a couple pinterest ideas & made this fun wall collage in our entryway. The framed art is easily interchangable using the clips. Right now the frames are appropriately filled with snow-themed artwork.

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