Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Break

We had a fantastic 2 week Christmas break. We didn't do a lot, which I was thankful for. I think we all needed a breather and a chance just to stay home. Here's a couple things Capt. N did do, though, over the break.

Borax Snowflake
This process is easy-peasy. But, for some reason only 1 out of the 3 snowflakes we made turned out. I'm thinking we didn't use enough borax.? I would like to try this again because the kids were very excited when they saw the one that did turn out. We used directions from a science book we have, but here's a link to instructions online.

About a year ago we made these crystals from a kit we got from Costco, called Space Age Crystals. You can read about it on my other blog. This was such a fun project - although, it took about a month to make this collection of crystals in this pic.

Suck an Egg into a Bottle
Capt. N loved this! We had to do it a couple times. The instructions are from Weather Wiz Kids. You light a couple matches & toss 'em in the bottle. The lit matches heat up the air inside the bottle. When the matches goes out, the air starts to cool, sucking the egg right into the bottle. Make sure you work quickly though - the heat escapes fast. Also, we found it to work best if we threw in three matches at a time. My hubby used a heat gun on the outside of the bottle to pop the egg back out & we did it again. 

Although it was a break from school, it wasn't a break from reading. Capt. N read this (not so Flat) Stanley book. I don't think he loved it, but I don't think he disliked it either.

I hope everyone else had a great break, too!

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