Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 13

Pics from the Week:

At the beginning of the year I had this delusion that I would make a daily schedule & be able to stick to it. Ha ha ha ha ha! This is our new method - make a list of tasks to accomplish in the day & try to get them done before bedtime. This, for me, is the hard part about homeschooling. I would love, love, love it if we could do school at a set time every day & concentrate on certain subjects from this time to that time. That just does not work for us. We live in our house, which means our lives happen all day, every day in our school. The 3 year old has an especially hard time understanding that I can't tend to her every need while we're doing school. I would not get any school done if I did. This method seems to be working (at least for the moment). I don't get so stressed out that we're behind.... because we were almost always behind. While I was planning my year I read other people's blogs about how long they spent on each subject & based our schedule on what I found. Well, what I've discovered is that we need about twice the time as what everybody else seems to need. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe I blibber-blabber too much. I've discovered Capt. N is just plain slow at getting things done. Part of it is that he gets distracted quite easily - whether it's his sister or something the chickens are doing outside or something new he's figured out on his mechanical pencil. The other thing, though, is I think it truly is just mentally hard for him to look & process & write things down. Something I've always taken for granted. On Monday, Wednesday & Friday, I try to get as much schooling done in the morning as we possibly can while Mr. T is at school. But, we don't seem to be able to cover many subjects. For instance on Wednesday, we started school at 8am & the hubby got home with Mr. T at 11:00 - that's 3 whole hours. It seems as if we should have gotten a ton accomplished. Nope. We got through all the vision exercises & 2 lessons of math. That's it. He took one 5-10 minute break & Princess K wasn't even terribly disruptive. Later that day, as I was contemplating this I couldn't come up with a reason why we didn't get much done.  I just don't know.

Learning perimeter.

Today while he was taking a 45 second timed test on the 7's multiplication facts, he got frustrated. He wrote down 65, knew it was wrong and went to write 63, but he made his 3 backwards. He realized this was wrong too & corrected it, but by now he was frustrated. It through him off for the rest of the test - which meant he didn't get a great score. I know he knows the 7's facts, which to me is what is really important. But, these types of things just show me what a poor test taker he is & it worries me. The whole school system is based on tests & they just don't show his true potential. Even as a homeschooler he needs to take the state tests (which I do agree with, btw). Colleges base entry & scholarships on SAT's. This was not a one time thing, he often does this. It's like some days (even minutes) his eyes & brain work perfectly together, then most of the time they don't. We have the awesome Math Wrap-ups for multiplication. The goal is to answer all the problems in less than 1 minute. One day I had him do the 7 facts 5 times in a row. I timed each one. His scores were all over the place. They were: 1:35, :54, 1:14, :33, :45. I'm certainly impressed with the one he did in :33. That's awesome!

He read this book in less than a week. He really seemed to enjoy this one. A couple times he even read more than one chapter in one sitting.  That's great for him. He usually gets tired of reading before he finishes even one chapter. I didn't add any other activities to this book. I just let him read it for fun. When he finished he did a little book report on the beginning, middle, climax & ending of the story.

This weeks countries for Christmas Around the World were Mexico, the Philippines & Switzerland.

Capt. N is taking pics of the clouds for 7 days. This is his pic.

While I was uploading pics from my camera onto my computer, I found this photo. Capt. N took it. Apparently he's been watching me too long. I love it. It was like a little surprise for me - I especially love that it is of books. I'm sure I'm reading way too much into this, but I'm hoping this means reading is getting a little easier for him.

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