Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 12

This was another short week. Mr. T only had 4 days of school this week, so, so did Capt. N.

Pics from the Week:

I bought this book to do occasionally with Capt. N. We did two puzzles & he looooved them! We will need to schedule these in more often. This book is for kids 8 - 10 years old. It was perfect for him. It was easy enough for him to figure out the answers, but not without having to think a bit first.

He loved them so much he asked if he could make a story for me to figure out. This is by far my favorite thing about homeschooling - he can explore any topic more if he wants.

He did fantastic. I did figure out the answers.

We started our Christmas Around the World unit this week. Our 3 countries for this week were Finland, France & Australia.

Ok, maybe this is a stretch on calling this pic science when literally we just glanced outside our school room & saw these two Northern Flickers. But, I was so excited. I actually thought we only had one of these birds around, since I had only ever seen one at a time - and it's a quick glimpse at that since they are very skittish. But, apparently we have at least 2 flying around. Yippey!... Although, they are woodpeckers & I saw one pecking on the play structure - they better not make that a habit. Little sights like this make my day.

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