Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 11

This was the week of Thanksgiving and a short school week for us. We are basing our days off to coincide with Mr.T's days off at the public school. So the kids only had school Monday & Tuesday this week. During those two days Capt. N & I did our basic routine. Tuesday night my niece & nephew spent the night & Wednesday we spent baking a few holiday goodies. Thursday we spent with our family enjoying a yummy Thanksgiving feast. And, on Friday I took Capt. N to a science center & spent the whole day doing the activities we can't usually do when 3 year old Princess K is with us.

Pics from the Week:

A favorite in our house are sugar cookies. The kids may have added a tad too much frosting but they were still delicious. We also made popcorn balls, peanut butter balls, no bake cookies, ham roll ups & macaroni salad.


This was a fantastic & weird & very informative exhibit. It had many real, but dead, bodies stripped of their skin to expose the muscles, tendons, bones &/or organs. Each body was in a different pose & focused on a particular part of the body. There were other interesting things in the exhibit as well, such as hearts, brains & lungs. There were 3 lungs next to each other - the first one was a healthy lung. It was tannish-grey, large & appeared soft & bouncy looking. Next to it was a smoker's lung. It was smaller, black, hard & cracked. Capt. N said it looked like a rock. And, the third lung belonged to a coal miner. It was by far the worst. What I learned from it, was that I will not encourage my children to grow up to be coal miner's. It was awful. What I liked about this exhibit is that whether you are 8 or 88 you could learn something new. There was tons of reading material. I noticed the older people doing lots of reading & really taking their time. Capt. N didn't stop to read much, but seeing the bodies up close & personal were a huge learning moment for him. We haven't talked a ton about the human body yet & this was a great introduction.

Because we've been learning about weather this year, we watched this amazing IMAX film.

We are also discussing animals & classification, so we watched Born to be Wild. This was Capt. N's favorite. It is a film about 2 women; 1 helps orphaned orangutans, the other orphaned elephants. They are inspiring women. Capt. N loved the orangutans. I think it's because they are so human in nature that he could relate to their actions.

And just for fun, we took a tour on an old Navy submarine. To be honest the old guy who did the tour didn't hold Capt. N's attention. But, he had a great time exploring, turning a knob or two and his favorite was seeing the huge missiles.

A pic of the city through the submarine's periscope.

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