Tuesday, November 22, 2011

StArt - Eric Carle

We recently checked out a bunch of Eric Carle books from the library. We did a variety of activities based on the books, but by far our favorite was making a tissue paper collage Eric Carle style.

Maybe I grew up under a rock, but I sure don't remember Eric Carle books as a kid. But yet, when we looked at the copyright many were dated even before I was born. I only became aware of him once I had kids. I didn't even know 'til recently the amount of books he's written. I gotta say I enjoy nearly every one I've read. And, of course the pictures are fun and fantastic.

One of my favorite things about his books are that they've got that extra something. The firefly lights up, you can hear the click beetle click & the rubber ducky squeaks. My favorite "extras" are the simple black dots in the book Hello, Red Fox. The whole book is playing little tricks on your eyes. On this page, you stare at the green fox for x amount of time, then stare at the black dot on the next page & you will see a faint red fox. Amazing. Fun. Exciting. There are multiple animals & colors to try throughout the story. The kids love it.

The beginnings of our paint palette looked like this.

When we were done, it looked like this. It appears we are true artists.

We read that Eric Carle makes most of his collages out of tissue paper & paint. So, that's what we did. Layer by layer the kids & I added paint to the tissue paper, using different stroke techniques. It was a bit difficult at first since the tissue paper rips so easily. But, we soon got the hang of it & enjoyed the craziness of this type of painting.

More of our tissue paper art.

We decided to make a group collage. Capt. N made the Santa and sleigh, Mr. T made Rudolph & I was in charge of the background. Mr. T, a kindergartner, had some trouble cutting the tissue paper. Capt. N, 8 years old, had an easier time.

Mr. T also made this snail.

Capt. N made these creatures.

This was such a fun project. And, we have left over painted tissue paper so we will get to do it again soon.

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  1. Oh boy these look amazing! I also love the collection of Eric Carle books. Thank you for sharing and linking up to stART :)



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