Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 7

 Pics from the Week:

We talked about acrostic poems this week. For teaching and discussion purposes I wrote the short word mom on the white board. Capt. N came up with this poem and thought it was hilarious.
His Halloween acrostic poem. I love it. I think it's a fun poem. I only wish his handwriting was more legible. His letters are getting better, but he still occasionally leaves out a letter such as the s on lots and forgets to leave a space between words like on orangeand. He also has a difficult time writing in a straight line. I am curious if this is also vision related.

I thought this was a fun way to show the patterns in the addition table. The various groups are different colors such as the doubles, doubles plus one and sums of 10.

I have a folder with these animals & report sheets. The idea is that occasionally Capt. N will pick one of these animals and do a short report on it. I have a variety of report sheets to keep things interesting for him. The sheets came from Enchanted Learning, Homeschool Share and other sources. I like this project for a few reasons. One is simply because I've been to a number of zoos and taken pics of the animals, but really what are you supposed to do with those photos once you get home? This project uses those photos. Capt. N was so interested in where I was when I saw these animals. It was a fun discussion. Capt. N loves science and animals so I'm hoping these will be fun projects for him, and at the same time he can learn something new.
I was really only showing Capt. N the animals and report sheets in the folder to get a head start on next week. I wasn't going to ask him to report on an animal until Tuesday. But, he asked if he could do one. How can you say no to that. He chose a crocodile relative, the gharial which is critically endangered. BTW, these guys are found in the zoo in Honolulu.

These birds weren't part of our lesson plans. But, there were at least 50 of them acting quite crazy outside the window. Capt. N and I stopped for a few minutes and watched them. At one point they stopped just long enough at our pond that I could quickly snap a pic.

A community map made by Capt. N. He named his city New London. I have 3 collages in the room we do school in - one of my trip to Paris, one of London & one of New York City. He said he came up with the name by combining New York & London.

In Social Studies we are discussing the different types of communities, such as city or town, suburban or rural. That Artist Woman has another great project on her site showing how to make a city skyline collage. You begin by drawing an outline of your buildings then cut it out.
Next place your skyline cutout on black paper, then flick white paint on the paper for the stars in the sky. Remove white paper and let the paint dry.
And finally the best part is to add a variety of buildings cut to the size of your skyline you drew on the white paper. Capt. N used construction paper, newspaper, textured paper, painted paper and gel crayons to make his buildings. He got a little fed up with cutting out the windows from foil, which is why there aren't many windows on his buildings. I love how he got creative and built a couple skybridges (on the left). And the little thing drawn with red gel crayon is a vegetable and herb stand. I'm not sure how or why he knows about those stands - we don't have any where we live - but, he thought it was important to add it to his city.

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