Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 6

This was a short school week for us. Mr. T & Princess K didn't have school Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, so neither did Capt. N. I had decided when we started this year that the days Mr. T has off school, so will Capt. N.

Pics from the Week:

Since Capt. N only had school 2 days this week, I took this luxury to do some fun stuff for math. He made his first tessellations. He loved them. I'm so proud of the effort he put into them.
We started out easy by simply making a tessellation out of a hexagon. Then we decided it looked like a bee hive so Capt. N added a bee.
To make an original tessellation shape I gave him an index card & asked him to draw an uneven line on one end. After cutting off that end on the line he made, he traced the line on the opposite end of the card. Then he cut out that line. Next, he did the same thing on the other 2 sides of the index card. It ended up being some random shape. I told him I bet if he looked hard enough he could make a real thing out of that random shape. He noticed first off that the one end looked like ears. We talked about that for awhile & finally decided the shape should just be an animals face.
He first traced the shape in pencil, then went over those lines with a thin sharpie. Next he added the details of the cat.
The finished kitty tessellation. It took him way longer to make this than I was planning. But, he really tried his best & I think it turned out fantastic.

He loves his calculator, but I rarely let him use it. So I thought he would really enjoy these worksheets about turning the numbers on the calculator into words. The worksheets are from Super Teacher Worksheets.

We learned about bees by creating a fold out page in his Animal Kingdom book.
He added the hexagon tessellation to the front.
The page opens up to see this. The information is from a variety of sources including magazines and Homeschool Share. Capt. N was really into this.... Now, if only he'd have the same enthusiasm for reading & writing.

I really liked these little tri-fold information cards.

Even though it was a short school week, that didn't mean Capt. N got to slack off the rest of the week.
We still did our partner reading of Farmer Boy.
And, he practices the keyboard daily.
He also has vision therapy stuff he has to work on daily.
And, tae kwon do.
And we got artsy making pumpkins. Capt. N's favorite was his one eyed vampire pumpkin .

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