Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 5

Pics from the Week: 

Science ~
We are going to spend quite a bit of time this year on the animal kingdom. We're starting with learning how to classify them.
This classification folder is from Homeschool Share
We took a trip to the zoo to search for vertebrates & invertebrates. The penguins were so fun. I don't know if they thought we had food or if they just like to play, but they swam to the window and followed our hands. I've never noticed them do that before and it made for a memorable part of the trip.
The 3 caracal babies & their mom were out.

Earlier in the day I gave Capt. N the journal questions, "If you could trade places with any animal what would it be? Why?"  I was so happy to see he put quite a bit of thought into it. He's not usually very enthusiastic about writing. He chose a dolphin. Later that day I asked him to draw himself as a dolphin. I was expecting him to draw his face on a dolphin body. Although, he didn't do exactly what I asked he put a lot of effort into it & he asked me all sorts of great questions. I got this idea from Crayola and of course we adjusted it to fit our needs.

Art ~
To get in the Halloween spirit Capt. N made this bat. I love it! To see more of our bat crafts click here.

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