Sunday, October 9, 2011

Week 4

Pics from the Week:

We are still working on getting the school area set up just right. The table we were using I liked because it was long & thin, but it had a soft top & was terrible to write on. My hubby found this desk on Craig's List & bought it. Him & Capt. N freshened it up by sanding it & painting it this bright cherry red color. Capt. N looooves it. I still don't love our set up, but it works.

Math ~
A few times a week Capt. N does 45 second timed math tests. I liked this one. I like that it's changing up the typical addition test.

I'm still debating about this math. I really like it. It teaches/reviews a bunch of topics in every lesson. I think that's great because it keeps Capt. N's focus. I'm not just rambling on forever expecting him to get it. I only have to ramble for a couple minutes about whatever tiny piece is new to this lesson. But, I feel like it's too easy for Capt. N so far. I was ok with that the first week of school, but by now it should be getting a bit more challenging. I really think the only thing new that he has learned so far is what a congruent line is. The only questions he misses on his worksheets and tests are due to him not reading the question correctly. I'm struggling with how much to jump ahead, though. They squeeze in a tiny, new chunk every day to learn. Unfortunately, most of them are things he already knows. But, I like the way it's telling me to teach it & I'm hoping it's sinking in that much more. So for now I'm doing it by the book. But, I try to add math whenever I can throughout the day. He's expressing an interest in multiplication so in the car I usually give him a few problems. I think I will start teaching him a few skip counting songs. We've cooked a couple times & I ask him to figure out the fractions. And we are doing a finance game that involves adding, subtracting, multiplying, division & algebra.

Language Arts ~
He finished the noun pullout sheet he's been working on.

He did it! He got all 12 words correct on his spelling test! I didn't do anything crazy this week to help him learn his words. These just happened to be words he already knew how to spell. He did his worksheets & wrote them each day. Even if these were easier words, I think this was a great confidence builder for him.

Farmer Boy & Agriculture ~
We've been reading Farmer Boy & talking about agriculture in Social Studies. The two go well together.
I gave him a plate of things that are typically grown in farm fields.

He used a brown piece of paper as dirt & he was the farmer planting his fields. He planted cotton, grass seed, popcorn, beans, basil & bay leaves. He also asked if he could get the seeds from the apple he ate at lunch. I am always so ecstatic when he comes up with these ideas on his own. So he planted apple trees too.

Back in the Farmer Boy era families baked their own bread. This was a great conversation to have with Capt. N. We also discussed how bread is typically made today, starting with the wheat in the field. His little hands had a bit of trouble kneading the dough, but he loved pounding it.

The recipe we used was for two loaves of bread. Instead we baked one loaf of bread & a tray of hot dog buns. They look slightly overcooked - and maybe they were, but they actually turned out pretty darn good. I've made bread products before & often they turn out tasting yeasty. These did not. Yay! Capt. N said the bread was fine, but that next time he'd like to add cinnamon.

As an art project relating to Farmer Boy we made candles.

And because it's that time of year, we went to a corn maze nearby.

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