Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Art

In the spirit of Halloween, the kids made a couple pumpkin crafts this week.

~ Goofy Pumpkin Faces ~
These really are the goofiest, most fun pumpkins. My kids loved making them.
I love when my table looks like this. It makes my heart happy to see all my kids sitting around it gettin' artsy.

We started out by cutting out a pumpkin shape. The boys cut out their own, but I cut out Princess K's. Next they were given red, yellow & white paint to mix an orange color. They also mixed in a tad of texture & glitter medium. We use the fanciest paint trays I can find laying around. Ha! In this case it was cardboard from granola bar boxes I had in the recycle bin.
After they painted their pumpkins they used an old comb to give it some extra texture and/or pumpkin grooves.
Princess K adding designs in her pumpkin.
Next, they were given blue & yellow paint to make a green stem.
The final step was to cut face features out of white & black paper and glue them on the pumpkin.

Each kid made 2 pumpkins. Arent' they super fun!

 ~ Tissue Paper Pumpkin ~
This is a super simple pumpkin to craft.
I cut strips of red, orange &  yellow tissue paper.
The kids then glued the strips on to paper. It was interesting to see that my boys both put their tissue paper on in a mangled format with no rhyme or reason & Princess K applied her tissue strips only in one direction.
When they were finished gluing on the tissue paper, the boys cut out the pumpkins. A few tissue pieces required a bit more glue after that. Then they used the leftover green paper they had painted from the previous pumpkin craft to cut out a stem.
2 out of the 3 finished pumpkin works of art.

 ~ Crayon Resist Pumpkins ~
I'm not sure why he needed to draw such an evil jack-o-lantern, but Mr. T had a great time creating this guy.
Capt. N made his jack-o-lantern on orange paper using a green crayon.
Next, they mixed colors & painted their jack-o-lanterns.

 ~ Princess K's Pumpkins ~
Princess K decorated a couple other pumpkins, too.
I cut out the pieces, she glued them on. Simple, cute & enjoyable.
She used the paint daubers to decorate 2 of her pumpkins.

~ Our Little Pumpkin Patch ~

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