Saturday, October 1, 2011

Princess K Preschool

Princess K attends preschool twice a week. When my boys were younger they went to the same preschool & loved it just as much as she is. But, I'm also giving her something a little extra because she needs something to do while I'm teaching Capt. N. I've always done arts & crafts & learning activities with my preschool aged kids but not in such an organized fashion. I love her & wish I could spend every second with her, but that is just not possible when she's got siblings. And especially when I'm trying to have school time with Capt. N. Her distractions are, well, distracting. Capt. N gets distracted very easily, so every time she comes in he gets off task. But, she is my most needy child. At her age, my boys were ok with playing with legos or doing a puzzle in the other room by themselves. She doesn't really care for being by herself. She wants to be right where the action is. That's fine in itself, but makes the homeschooling thing a bit more difficult. I've set her up a little table right outside my craft room, which is the room we are using for school. And I've given her a few bins that are just for her & full of activities. She really enjoys the activities, but she would still prefer to actually be in the room with us. This is a learn as we go thing we're going to have to work out. I struggle with it & have a lot of guilt. On the one hand, I've pulled Capt. N from school so I feel very responsible for making sure he gets the best education I can give him. But on the other hand, I feel terrible for always telling my other kids I can't help them right now because I'm with Capt. N. This is a lesson in patience for all of us.

Here's some of the fun stuff Princess K's been doing:

I bought this table a few years ago on clearance at Target. I'm crafty & my kids are too, especially Mr. T. So, I thought how cute it would be to put this table in my craft room. Ha! Who was I kidding. There wasn't any space in my craft room for another table. But, I squeezed it in & was wondering why in the world I ever bought the silly thing. Well, now it has the perfect purpose in our house. It's right outside the room we're doing homeschool in so Princess K can sit there and work on her activities. The bins have a variety of things for her to do that I change out weekly. The white bin on top is for our library books. We tend to always have library books around so I wanted them to have a special spot.

A sensory  box. Each week I fill it with a different letter. This week in the pic was obviously A, so I added whatever A things I could find around the house.

Maybe I live under a rock or something, but I had no idea you could buy alphabet noodles at your local grocery store. I got these at Fred Meyer. They're kinda boring just in noodle color, so I added food coloring & vinegar to spice 'em up a bit. They are the base in the sensory box. I'm in such love with them, I don't even mind that a few get spilled on the floor everyday.

Each week I'm going to add stamps to the sensory box so she can play with them. I've been crafty my entire life, so I've got a variety of things stored away including these old stamps with basic letters and shapes which are perfect for this... Although, maybe this is not a good thing considering my craft room is filled to the ceiling with stuff, stuff & more stuff.

This simple task is one of her favorites. She puts a magnet in each square. I apologize to whichever blog I printed this paper from for not attaching a link. But, I can't remember where it came from. When I find it, I'll add the link.

Working with numbers. I write the numbers & the same amount of x's beside the number. She places a sticker on each x. I'm trying to stick with the letter of the week for this activity, too.

Oh, she looooves the paint daubers. These sheets came from 1+1+1=1

Since she loves the daubers so much I made her this. I will have to come up with more ways to incorporate the daubers.

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