Sunday, October 9, 2011


In Capt. N's English Language Binder there is a section on parts of speech. This week he finished the pullout on nouns. It has the What is a Noun? question answered, person, place & thing booklets, a story highlighting the nouns & 4 mini books on various types of nouns.

I taped together three pieces of cardstock to use as the pullout. It folds up so the What is a Noun page is on top. The left hand side is hole-punched and when it's folded up it fits just like a sheet of paper in the binder. He will also be making adjective & verb pullouts.

I gotta keep my cricut machine running, so I used it to cut out these little person, place & thing booklets. Capt. N glued on the pics & named them. This was a piece of cake for him, he has no trouble figuring out if the noun is a person, place or a thing. But, it was good review & nice way to introduce grammar for the coming year.

I asked Capt. N to write a paragraph on pretty much any topic he wanted. Somehow he came up with making a pickle & olive pizza as his topic. His paragraph ended up being more like a list. But, that still worked for this assignment. After he was done writing I asked him to highlight all the nouns.

Pronoun book

Plural Nouns
The plural nouns ending in s and es were pretty simple. The stapled pieces of paper flip to reveal another example. I had to get a little more creative with changing the y to i and adding es. So, I added a little tab that can be folded up to cover the y. Now, I kind of wish I would have added something similar for changing the f to a v in words like calf/calves & wife/wives. Something you can't see in this pic is that the definition lifts up to reveal the rules of when to add s, or es or ies.

Common & Proper Nouns
When I could I color coded the different rules or types of nouns. In this case, the common nouns & their definition are all on a white background. The proper nouns have a green background.

Possessive Nouns
Again, when you flip up the definition the rules are listed. The pink ones for singular possessive nouns & blue for plural possessive nouns.

He did do worksheets on nouns, as well. But, not an excessive amount. Capt. N is not a great worksheet guy. I'm hoping this little pullout helped reinforce the different kinds of nouns & will be a resource for him when he has a noun question.

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