Thursday, October 13, 2011

Going Batty

I used to love making crafts for the holidays. Occasionally, I can still sneak a craft in, but I spend most of my creative energy putting together crafts for my kids. They're little for such a short time. I'm sure soon enough they will get tired of doing crafts for me, so for now I'm going to enjoy it. Yesterday they were thrilled to make a few bat crafts.

~ Handprint Bats ~
from DLTK's Crafts
This was the best part, of course.
Princess K's bat is on the left. The right bat was crafted by Mr. T.

~ Woven Eyed Bat ~
from That Artist Woman - who's site I love, btw. She throws in some fun ideas for older kids.
Typically I would have just told Capt. N to paint the paper black - the end. But That Artist Woman suggested adding texture - I love it! It adds that much more to the craziness of this bat.
I ♥ this guy! I feel like Capt. N is a tad past the handprint bat craft age & I found this awesome craft for him to do instead. It was perfect for him.

~ Melted Crayon Bats ~
from DLTK Crafts. I didn't follow their instructions completely, but you'll get the jist from their site.

 ~ (non) Flapping Bat ~
from Family Fun
The non-flapping bat is the lowest bat hanging by the owls. It was a super simple craft. I printed the template then copied it onto black foam & Mr. T cut it out. I punched the holes for the yarn to make it flap, but the yarn pulling on the foam was tearing it. So, I undid it & now it's just a spooky bat hanging on a branch.

Next week we're going to do pumpkins.

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