Saturday, October 1, 2011

Apple Tree Game

I saw this cute rotten apple game used to review sight words. This was one of those things I saw and thought I've just gotta make that. So I got to work. Since my kids are at various levels, I made 3 different colored apples. This way they can all play the game at the same time picking their age-appropriate apples.

The original version is large & made from felt. I didn't have green or brown felt laying around so I opted to use construction paper. It was super simple to make. I literally just cut out a trunk shape from brown & a leafy tree shape from green and glued them on to yellow construction paper. I used my cricut machine to cut yellow, green & red apples.

The yellow apples are for Princess K, who is learning her letters.

Mr. T is learning the sight words. The red apples are for him. I laminated the bare apples, so I can change the words as needed.

Capt. N uses the green apples. They are also laminated. I was hoping to write spelling words on his apples, but the apples are too small. So, this week I used them for possessive noun practice. He flipped over an apple, read the word, then wrote the possessive form on the white board.

The possibilities are endless as to what I could write on the apples. I'm thinking it will make a fun math game, too.

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