Saturday, September 10, 2011

Salt Art

The kids got some bubbles that came in a cool shaped container. I saved the bottles knowing we could make something with them. That something was something I did as a kid - use chalk to color salt, then make colored salt art. My hubby poked fun at me, "Of course you colored salt as a kid." I responded, "Of course I did, didn't you?" I've always been artsy, I always will be artsy & I'm glad I can enjoy it with my kids. I have a feeling I'll be doing art with my grandkids as well.

You start with simple ingredients - salt & colored chalk.

Rub the chalk around in the salt. The roughness of the salt knocks off tiny pieces of the chalk. You keep rubbing until your chalk is gone or until you get your desired color. In reality the chalk is barely coloring the salt, but instead the chalk is worn down to such fine pieces that when it's mixed with the salt the two blend together to make a pastel shade of color.

We made 5 different colors

Find a container & add your salt/chalk mix any way you want.

The boys finished works of salt art.

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