Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2

Well, it's day two and I am t-i-r-e-d.

I'm not tired just because of the homeschooling - although, that has certainly wore me out. I feel like my brain is on overdrive. There's too much info racin' around up there. I would like the school day to be done by 2:30. Even after only day 2 I realize I really have to have my A game on to accomplish that. Yesterday was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better first day of homeschooling. But, we didn't get to two subjects I had hoped to squeeze into the day. Later in the evening we took Mr. T to soccer practice. Today was definitely not going to be a typical day, but man, I still wish we could have done more. Princess K attends a preschool that requires the parents to help occasionally. Today was my day. Of course it had to fall on a day my hubby couldn't work from home. This left me with two problems. One - where was Capt. N going to go while I was helping at preschool & two - who was going to pick Mr. T up from kindergarten since he gets out before preschool is over? Unfortunately, my dad is laid off so he helped tremendously. The hubby took Mr. T to school. I left not long after to take Capt. N to my parents house. On the way we tried to do the first part of our wind speed gauge - which failed miserably. After dropping off Capt. N, Princess K & I headed to preschool. I gave Capt. N a math worksheet, a grammar worksheet, reading & journaling to do. My dad picked up Mr. T & when we were done at preschool I picked the boys up & we headed home. Once home, we tried fixing our anemometer - but it still didn't work. By now it was already one o'clock. Capt. N missed a couple problems on his grammar worksheet so we discussed common & proper nouns some more. Then we discussed climate & atmosphere and added info to his weather lapbook. His final activity for the day was listening, then reading, and doing a quiz on a book at Raz Kids. Now it's 3 o'clock & schools over.

Yay, we survived day 2! But, now all I can think about is day 3 and 4 and 5 and the cub scout den meeting I have to plan for Friday night & organize my stuff for the Sunday School class I have to teach on Sunday. Oh & I really need to remember to send out birthday invitations for Mr. T. Tomorrow is going to be an unusual day, as well. The morning starts out "normal." But, by 9:55 we need to leave to pick up Mr. T. Then on our school schedule is "go to the library." So we'll do that. Here's my dilemma - Mr. T has soccer pictures at 5:00. We live 35 minutes from the library & the soccer field. By the time we get home from the library, we would be home for 3.5 hours max before we would need to turn around and leave again. Totally do-able. But, it is my pet peeve to waste time driving home just to have to turn around and go back to where we just were. I'm trying to come up with a couple ideas to do school while we're out and about - which I'm happy to do & is a definite benefit to homeschooling. But, it's making my brain tired.

Moving on to eye stuff. I got the report from Capt. N's vision evaluation. He is bad. No wonder he has trouble reading. He has 20/20 vision in both eyes. That's good - at least we know he can see. His ocular motility (eye movement) is not so great. The report says there's a deficiency in oculomotor skills (5th percentile) with excessive errors made (7th percentile), and borderline difficulty in rapid, automatic naming (30th percentile). He has trouble focusing clearly when he needs to quickly focus far, then near, then far, then near. He scored in the 25th percentile in visual-motor integration. Auditory perceptual skills were at a 1st grade level. He scored in the less than 1st percentile for letter reversal. Although, he showed an excessive amount of letter reversals for his age, there was no recognizable pattern of dyslexia. There was a number of other tests that he scored fine on. The next step is to discuss this with doctor. He must have scored a bit worse than she originally thought because when I talked with her right after the last round of tests she mentioned needing therapy for 10 or 12 weeks. After punching all the numbers, her report says he would need a 20 week program.

I don't talk to many adults in the course of a day - sometimes it's only a 5 minute conversation with my hubby. This blogging helps me get out and organize all my thoughts. Even if nobody ever reads it, it's free therapy for a busy mom.

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