Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Reading Snakes

To keep reading fun this summer I made these Summer Reading Snakes. Here's Martha Stewart's version. All 5 snakes are different. The purple snake on the left is Princess K's and her goal is to learn the letters in her name. Next is Mr. T's snake. He's working on learning some sight words. Then there's Capt. N's snake for leveled readers. Next is the family snake. This is where we keep track of the books I read to all 3 kids. The final snake is Capt. N's chapter book snake. Throughout the summer we've been working on filling out these snakes. Each time somebody gets to a prize square, they get the prize written on that square. I am kind of cheating because most of the prizes are things we would be doing anyway - but they don't know that. Most prizes are not things, but things we do such as go out for ice cream, pick the game we will play as a family or pick an outing. On the family snake, towards the end I do have a space for purchasing a book of their choice. And on Capt. N's chapter book snake he already earned a book & when he finishes the snake he will earn a box of legos. He likes to read science books for fun, but doesn't have much desire to read anything else so I do bribe him occasionally.

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