Tuesday, August 9, 2011

StArt - Shape of Me

Ever since I can remember we've been doing art based on stories I've read to the kids. Now that I've entered the blogging world I've realized there's an actual name for this type of activity. A Story + Art = StArt! I'm so happy I stumbled across the mom who started this craze. Each Thursday she hosts a linky on StArts. How exciting!

Here's a StArt we did a couple weeks ago. To be honest this wasn't my favorite Dr. Seuss book, but the craft we did along with it was fantastic. I think we will be finding excuses to make many more silhouettes.

These were the boy's first silhouette projects. I found the idea at That Artist Woman. They turned out great, but they used watercolors so the colors weren't too bright. Mr. T even took his creative liberty and added a lake.

For the rest of the silhouettes we used slightly watered down kids poster paint. This produced nice, vivid colors. They used the black foamy craft brushes as their paint brush.

The hardest part about this project was getting the kids to work quickly, so they could blend the colors together while the paint was still slightly wet.

Mr. T told me he would like a fence in his picture. I'm thinking, "How in the world am I going to cut out a fence?" Then he told me he wanted to paint it and he dipped the bottom of the foam brush in the paint and just dabbed it on the paper, then dabbed again & again to make the pickets. This was one of those times where my kids actually taught me something. I'm so proud of him, but I feel a bit like a dummy.

Three of Mr. T's pics. For the dinosaur pictures, they added kosher salt to the wet paint to soak up a bit of the paint, leaving a star type shape on the paper. Those were so fun the kids did that to nearly every other sunset masterpiece. On one, Mr. T added star stickers. Apparently he preferred the salt, though, because he didn't make anymore with the stickers.

The Silhouette Gallery
I just love how these turned out & how creative the kids were. I cut out the shapes for them, but they told me what they wanted me to cut out. Each pic came from their creative minds, I just helped it all come together.

My Favorite Things:
• Capt. N wanting to try an underwater scene
• Mr. T asking for a photographer to place on his mountain. He & I both love to take photos of wildlife.

Some Things we Learned:
• The poster paint works better than watercolor paint.
• Cutting out the landscape, such as mountains, rocks, etc looks more uniform with the other silhouettes, but painting the landscape was more fun.

Princess K made her own masterpieces with the paint & salt.

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