Tuesday, August 9, 2011

StArt - Little White Owl

We love this story. The book is cute, the illustrations are beautiful & the story has a great message. I was stumped on an owl craft, so I googled it. I found this fun idea at Diary of a First Grade Teacher.

Here's how we made ours. I used a pencil to trace a couple different birds from the book, then outlined the birds with a black fine tip sharpie. Next, I photocopied them so each of my kids could decorate at least 3 birds. They used watercolors to paint the birds. Since the watercolors made the outline of the bird bleed a little, I quickly outlined them again. Of course, we left one owl white as the little white owl. We added a construction paper branch to our summer art wall, then taped the owls to the branch. I cut out "be whoooo you are" on my cricut machine. As I added the letters to the wall, the kids & I had a quick discussion about what it means.

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