Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our School Room

We haven't officially started homeschooling yet, but this is what I've got set up for my soon to be 3rd grader. It's not ideal, but it will work.... I hope. This blue table & red board were his homework setup last year. It was in a nook area upstairs. Now that we are going to use it for homeschooling, I moved it into my already cramped craft room. Capt. N gets distracted very easily. So as convenient as it would be if he could sit at the dining room table, I don't think it will work for him on a daily basis. A separate room seems like it will work best. He can even shut the door if needed. This area is mostly for his morning work, though - journaling, writing, reading, spelling & math. In the afternoons we will be doing social studies, science, music, art, cooking, etc. I imagine we will be doing those things downstairs around the dining room table, on the kitchen counter or outside. His brother and sister can join us if they want.

Some of the schooling & crafting supplies.

I'm linking this post to the Not Back to School Blog Hop at Heart of the Matter.

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