Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Big Day is Coming

I have to admit I'm getting nervous. This is very typical me. Ideas sound so good on paper & before the fact. But now I'm second guessing myself - which is also very typical me. Am I making too big of a deal about him being a slow reader & how much it will affect the rest of his schooling? Deep down I know the answer is no. But why, then, is it not the norm? Why do I feel like I'm doing something so off the wall & crazy? Why do I feel like others think I'm just babying him & not letting him experience real life? Well, why does real life have to be so damn hard? If he's struggling why isn't it ok for me to help him in the way I feel is best? I don't expect this to be the right path for all kids but I do feel like it's the best choice for mine next year. My situation makes it possible for me to homeschool my son. I'm already a stay at home mom. I have 3 kids who would all have different school schedules next year, so it was going to be crazy anyway. Now it will just be a different type of crazy. And besides all my other reasons, I actually like the idea of homeschooling. I admit I didn't know much about it, but now that I'm learning more I see many benefits. I'm excited & nervous & happy & scared about the upcoming year.

On another note, Capt. N had his first of 3 vision tests today. I don't know if he has trouble tracking with his eyes or not. But, he does have some of the typical symptoms so I'm looking into it. This first test was a typical eye exam & the results were mostly good. He is a bit farsighted, but within the normal limits for his age. The one problem she saw was that his eyes did skip a little bit as he followed her do-hickey. She said it was mild, but definitely worth looking into. So we scheduled the next two appointments.

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